Coffey Family December 2021 Prayer Letter

Prayer Requests and Praise

  • It’s great to be home.  We arrived back in South Africa on December 2nd.  It was great being back for my son’s wedding, but not so great leaving my daughter Emilee there for Bible College.  We can already tell how difficult it will be not having her around.  Please pray for her as she attends the Our Generation Training Center in Alpharetta, GA.  This is a missionary training school started out of my home church, Vision Baptist Church.   
  • Please continue to pray for my wife’s ear surgery.  She’s lost most hearing in her left ear.  It’s a serious surgery that could improve her hearing or cause her to go completely deaf in that ear.  

Quick Updates

  • We want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.  2021 passed very quickly, but I’m definitely looking forward to what the Lord has in store for 2022. 
  • We were able to buy a lawn tractor for Camp Rhino because of a generous donation.  This equipment is going to be a tremendous help to our Camp.  Our guys have been cutting about 6 acres of grass for almost three years now with just weed eaters. 
  • With being the Africa Director of our mission board, I’m privileged to represent a lot of great guys.  One of those missionaries is Jason Rishel.  Pray for him as he is raising funds to purchase motorcycles for his young men who are starting a circuit-riding ministry to reach into the surrounding villages of his city in Burkina Faso.  Each motorcycle cost about $900.  Please let me know if you would like to be a part of this ministry.  
Missionary Jason Rishel’s team in Burkina Faso

December is the start of our summertime here in South Africa.  Unfortunately, it is during this time that many teenagers start getting into drugs and alcohol.   Pray that we can see many of these young people rescued through our church and camp efforts.   Also, pray for our teens to stand for God and not go after the things of the world. 

A week after we left for the States in October, the grandmother of one of our teen boys was shot and killed with him in the next room.  He has been staying at Camp Rhino during most of the week since that happened.  We also have another teen girl staying at the Camp full time because of problems she was facing in her home.  These stories only scratch the surface of what a lot of young people face every day in the townships of South Africa.  

We are really praying about starting a teen home, separate from our camp ministry, to better minister to these young people in need.  We really need wisdom going forward.  Would you help us pray as we consider starting this ministry in the next year? 

2 thoughts on “Coffey Family December 2021 Prayer Letter

  1. Mark, Amy & Family. First, we praise the Lord that you had a safe return. Praying for her ear surgery. As you know, we have a heart for young people and we will be praying for those mentioned. We would love to support your efforts for a teen home. We would love to support you in that endeavor or any way you need support. That would be your decision for we know you will seek God’s direction. I wish we could do more but hopefully our support, although meager, will help. We want to honor our Father as we give. Let me know how to start this process because we want to glorify our Father in souls coming to know our precious Savior

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