Coffey Family April 2017 Prayer Letter

Prayer Request

  • Camp Rhino- Currently, we have raised $29, 188 to purchase property for Camp Rhino.  Praise the Lord!  That’s almost 30% of our goal.  We do hope to raise $4144 more during these last few days of April to put us at $33,332 to stay on pace to raise $100,000 by the end of the year.  I believe it will come in.
  • Churches in Port Elizabeth-  Pray the Lord does a great work in all the 6 churches we are associated with in South  Africa.
  • 102,000 Gospel Tracts-  These tracts donated to our ministry arrived at the end of March.  Pray for souls to be saved through them.
  • More Laborers- As I travel I’m praying the Lord would lead many others to work with us in Southern Africa.  The need for workers is real.
  • Our Family-  We’re having a great time on furlough and are looking forward to the next 8 months, but we are a little sad about having to leave Tyler, our oldest, behind when we leave.

Someone asked this past month if we planned to change our focus from church planting to camp ministry when we return to South Africa.  My answer to that is, “Absolutely not.” 

I want to make sure it’s clear that our purpose with Camp Rhino is to accelerate our church planting efforts, not do away with them.  Camp Rhino will offer traditional summer camp opportunities, but our main focus in what we are doing is to  train young people for the work of local church ministry. 

Camp Rhino will enable us to be in continual contact with young people through the several weeks of camp during the year, and also on the weekends with our mentoring programs.    This won’t be the kind of camp where we see the teen once a summer and then look for them to come back next year.  This is a year round camp that will assist all our churches at keeping their young people plugged into the things of God. 

I’m looking forward to getting back to South Africa to start Camp Rhino, but I’m just as excited to getting back so we can start more churches.

I want to send a special thanks to Chick Publications for providing 102,000 Gospel tracts for our ministries in South Africa.  We are excited that each of the churches will have plenty of literature to distribute over the next several months.

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