Coffey Family 2019 February Prayer Letter

Prayer Requests & Praise    

  • We praise the Lord for having paid off over $14,000 of the $17,000 debt we had from starting Camp Rhino.  We only have about $2500 more to pay off.  Please pray we can knock the rest out as soon as possible.  Thank you all who prayed and gave. 
  • Classes for Bay Baptist College at Camp  Rhino are delayed until Feb. 26th.  We’ve had a few students back out but plan to have at least 3 guys and 1 lady begin studying for full time ministry.   Please pray for this first group of students.
  • Our son Chase has settled in Bible College well at the Our Generation Training Center in Alpharetta, Ga.  Please continue to pray for him.  He’s having major car problems right now.  

Quick Updates & Reminders:

  • Several teenagers made professions of faith this past month at New Life Baptist Church.  During one Wednesday evening  service we had three girls and three boys trust Christ.  The very next week three more teen boys trusted Christ, and last Sunday morning two more teen boys trusted Christ.  
  • My son Luke, lead a deaf boy to Christ last week who started attending church after being at Camp Rhino’s teen camp.  Luke worked at building a friendship despite not knowing sign language.  He learned he reads English  and for an hour used a white board to explain the Gospel.  He and his friend  both trusted Christ. 
  • This past week we hosted a men’s breakast with over 45 people at Camp Rhino and we will be having a marriage retreat with more than 50 this coming Saturday.    Pastor Wayne Cofield, a.k.a. my father-in-law, is the guest speaker.
Luke and his deaf friend Athi
Men’s Prayer Breakfast at Camp Rhino

Visa request: Please pray as we are in the process of obtaining long terms visas to stay in South Africa. We have friends who have struggled with getting their visas renewed and have even seen families change fields because of visa problems in South Africa. 

Our family is trying a different route at obtaining a visa that would hopefully enable us to apply for permanent residency.  Once we have permananent residence, there really isn’t any fear of not being able to stay in the country.   

We are in need of raising $2400 to cover the cost of the visa applications for my wife and I.  Because of using all we had to get the camp started, we are a little low on funds.  Please pray we are able to get the money we need asap, so we can be finished with the visa process. 

Thankfully all 3 of our kids living in South Africa did received their Study Visas which was a big answer to prayer.  So worse case scenario, we can leave our kids here by themselves to do the ministry:). 

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