Center for World Evangelism

In August 2005, my wife and I left Arequipa, Peru, South America where I had worked for 5 years, to move to Alpharetta, GA to help start the Vision Baptist Church and the Our Generation Training Center. Our heart was to help a team, led by who would be my new Pastor, Austin Gardner, recruit and train young people for the work of World Evangelism.

I had the privilege of working as the first director of the Training Center, along with serving as the Missions and Administrative Pastor of our new church, Vision Baptist Church.

From the beginning days of the ministry, we had always dreamed to have land that could be used for the Training Center, for housing missions students, and for other ministries we felt the Lord wanted us to start out of our new church.

Fast forward 15 years, and we are almost at the place to be able to purchase the property that we have been praying and dreaming about for all these years, which will be called the Center for World Evangelism.

Of course, since I am a missionary in South Africa, I am no longer the director of the Training Center or on the pastoral staff at Vision Baptist Church, but my dreams and prayers for this ministry continues. As of today, over $554,000 has been raised to purchase 60 acres of property that will be used to house our mission board, Vision Baptist Missions, and the Our Generation Training Center.

I am writing now, to ask you to help us pray for the remaining $69,000 needed to purchase this property. Our goal was to have this amount by July 31, 2020, which is only a few days away. Would you pray and would you consider giving to help with this purchase.

If you would like to give or learn more about the Center for World Evangelism click on the link below.

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