$45,000 Matching Offering for the South Africa Youth Home!

One of our ministry partners has committed to match up to $45,000 toward the purchase of the property and house. Please pray this news will be met quickly. The cut-off date is May 7th. We were told another cash offer has been accepted if we aren’t able to come up with the funds. We are still short $35,000 of the $113,000 we need. Go here https://visionmissions.org/give and select Africa Youth Home- Mark Coffey.

We are flying out tonight to return to South Africa.

I’m praying we can raise this money in the next week to give us time to transfer everything over to South Africa before the deadline.

Please pray we raise the needed funds in time.

On another note, please pray for my wife’s upcoming ear surgery on May 16th. It’s a serious operation that could allow her to regain hearing in her left ear or she could possibly lose all her hearing in that ear. There is also a high risk of vertigo.

4 of the young people already staying at Camp Rhino plus little Ano, one of our pastor’s daughters:)
This would be the first official house for the South Africa Youth Home if we can raise the needed funds.

You can also keep up to date with the youth home at our new website for the home.

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