Coffey Family February 2020 Prayer Letter

Prayer Requests & Praise  

  • We praise the Lord for the 27 young people who trusted Christ during our first ever Junior Camp at Camp Rhino.  Thank you so much for praying.  We had 55 Juniors in total attend our camp, which means almost 50% of those in attendance made a profession of faith.  
  • Since the start of our camp a little over a year ago, we have seen over 120 young people come to Christ.  Camp Rhino has been a tremendous aid in all our churches here in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.  Pray we can even see more done for Christ this year. 
  • Pastor Mvume Johnson started Lighthouse Baptist Church on January 19th with 7 visitors in attendance, 4 of which are part of his lost family. 
  • Pastor Khona Nohamba started Nkandla Baptist Church this past Sunday.  We were delayed a week because of the building, but we had a great service with 4 visitors.  
  • I’m excited about the impact of both of these new young churches and pastors. Please pray for them as they shine forth the light of the Gospel in their communities.

Quick Updates & Reminders:

  • We will be back in the States between April 23rd to July 13th for our oldest son’s wedding.  If you would be interested in helping with our Church Planting efforts or Camp Rhino, we would love to schedule a meeting during this time. 
  • My beautiful wife turns 40 on February 7th.  I know I’ll get in trouble, but I figured it was okay since it will already be on Facebook anyway:)
Pastor Khona working on his new church building with Pastor Sipho

We are really encouraged this new year with the start of two new churches already.  In February, we also hope to start our third church.  We have been holding weekly Bible studies in an area next to our main church, New Life Baptist, in a small shack for a couple of years now.   With newly acquired land we believe it’s time to officially start the church.  We are in need of about $5,000 for the building.  This would give us a slab floor and a very good space to start in.  It will be a metal “shack” church, but something we will be able to use for many years.   

We are thrilled to let you know that almost $18,000 came in for Camp Rhino this past month.  That is over half of what’s needed to finish phase one of construction.  Our goal for 2020 was $35,000, so we only lack $17,000 to meet our goal for the year.  When everything comes in, we will be able to put the roof on our auditorium plus build new dorms for the boys.  That will enable us to house 120 campers along with counselors and staff.  Finishing the auditorium will also enable us to have camp year-round without fears of bad weather conditions.