2020 Coffey Family December Prayer Letter

Prayer Request

  • Wisdom concerning Junior and Teen Camps in December and January at Camp Rhino.  Higher restrictions were placed on our province this past week that will probably change the way we do our normal camps.        
  • Our churches here are struggling a bit, just as churches in the States, from Covid.  Our brand new churches have few people attending while our oldest church is around 70% of its normal attendance.  Pray we will have the wisdom to reach people more effectively during this time.  We don’t want to coast.    
  • Pray God blesses and uses our teammates as they are back in the states for furloughs: Jeremy & Rebekah Hall, Kevin & Corli Hall, & Josh & Meagan Sullivan. 
  • Pray we can raise the $3000 needed to do the electrical work in our new auditorium/activity center at Camp Rhino.                          

Quick Updates  

  • In spite of Covid affecting our church attendance, the leadership has continued to be strengthened.  Our pastors have been faithful and other young men have stepped up. 
  • We praise the Lord that $10,800 has been given to help finish the new boy’s dorms for Camp Rhino.   This will enable us to start the construction back and have the dorms finished by the end of the year.  
  • We still need donors for our camps this year, even though we will have to revamp our previous plans for overnight camps.  The cost is about $55 per camper. We are trying to raise 120 sponsors for Teen Camp and 75 for Junior Camp. 

Covid Hot Spot

We live in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa which is now the #1 hot spot of Covid spikes in all of South Africa, making it one of the major hot spots for all of Africa.  

Sadly, our coworker, Pastor Sipho, lost his dad this past week to Covid.  I received this news shortly after attending the funeral of the grandmother of one of our faithful teenagers.  She also died of Covid.  Please pray for these families during this difficult time.  

Because of the rise of Covid numbers, stricter restrictions have been put in place.  We’ve even been told criminal prosecution could be brought against us if someone from our camp spreads it to someone and they die from it. 

Unless things change, it doesn’t look like we will be able to do over night camps in December and January at Camp Rhino.  We do believe we can continue with day camps and still abide by all the restrictions. Pray we can work through all of this and still have great camps.

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