Announcing Camp Rhino- Christian Camp and Training Center

November 2016 Coffey Family Prayer Letter

We are now in our last days before we head back to the States.  Our first term was fantastic.  I want to thank all of you  who have supported us these past few years. 

Although we are sad about leaving, we are excited about a new ministry we are now ready to announce and begin presenting during our time on furlough that will benefit our church planting efforts.  When we return to South Africa we will be starting Camp Rhino – Christian Camp and Training Center


Have you had your life touched by attending Christian summer camp?  Have you sent teenagers to camp and had them come back with their lives changed?  Have you had kids get saved at camp?

In America, Christian camps are doing a lot of good.  Kids can get away from the world, from the internet, and the pressures of day to day life, have an incredibly fun week, and listen to powerful preaching.  It’s a recipe God has been using for well over a hundred years.

Children and Teens in South Africa need a Bible preaching Christian camp!  Not only do they live in abject poverty, most of them experience a level of immorality, drunkenness, and demonic activity that few American kids ever experience.  Imagine the impact a week of Christian camp could have on their life.  If Christian camp helps American churches, imagine how much it could do to help missionaries and  South African churches.

I will be giving more details about our plan for the camp and training center in the coming days, but I want to let you know that our camp will also facilitate much training for all of our people and will be used year round for our church planting purposes.   

This will also provide an amazing short-term missions trip opportunity for American students. Bible College Students and other ministry minded young people will have the opportunity to travel to Africa for a season, work in South African churches with veteran missionaries, and help in the camp as counselors and camp staff. 

We are looking to raise $100,000 in the next year.  This money will be used to purchase 20 acres of land in the Port Elizabeth area that we will begin developing into a Christian camp.

We want to ask you to begin praying now that we would be able to raise  $8,333 a month during our year back in the states in order to reach our $100,00 goal.  I know that’s a big goal, but we believe in this ministry, and know if it’s God’s will,  money won’t be an issue.     

Imagine being able to invest in Apple Computer, Coco-cola, or IBM when they were just starting out.  With eternity in view, we believe investing in Camp Rhino will be an even better investment.


Christmas Camp Coming Soon

Please be in prayer for our Summer youth camp coming up December 12-16.  Most of you don’t put Summer and Christmas and Youth Camp together, but on this side of the world, that’s how we do it:)

We are planning on having more than 100 people this year for camp.  Please pray that hearts will be changed and souls will be saved.  Also pray we will be able to raise the needed funds to offset the price for the young people.  We try to get camp as inexpensive for them as we can.  Right now we charge them around $15 per camper, but in order to do that we need to raise about $1000 from our family, as the other missionaries working with us are trying to do the same.

For those that are interested in helping with camp AND with getting a Christmas ornament decorated by one of our young campers, click here to see our website.