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Life as an Intern (Beth Staley’s personal testimony)

Beth Staley’s personal testimony about her internship here in South Africa. Life as an Intern The thought of internships don’t usually bring about happy thoughts. No one gets overly excited about being an intern. It usually has a negative connotation to it that means you will be a slave to basically everyone for this period […]

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Superiority Complex

Superiority Complex I was talking with a friend the other day and, for the first time, I realized just how crazy life can be here in the townships. Don’t get me wrong, I have heard many stories over the past year while studying in the township, but they really were just that, crazy stories. This person […]

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Learning From Mistakes

I am the last one to think that I have all the answers or that I have succeeded in ministry and that you should listen to what I have to say. Honestly, the best way I know to help you is to point out where I think I have needed help as a missionary and […]

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Rights vs Responsibilities

“Life is not fair!” As a child growing up, this was probably the most irritating statement I heard on a regular basis! Your little brother gets a toy, and you don’t. (Even though it is his birthday!) You look at your mom and say, “that’s not fair!” She glares back at you and says, “Life […]

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Underwood Family October 2014 Prayer Letter

September has been a wonderfully blessed month full of mission’s conferences, meeting some awesome new friends, and FOUR new supporters! I am truly amazed at the goodness of God in our lives. As we inch closer and closer to South Africa, I want to remain cognizant to the fact that time is short! If you […]

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September 2014 Prayer Letter

Dear Pastor and Friends, It was exciting to see Madiba Bay Baptist Church celebrate their 7th anniversary this month. This was the first church my brother started amongst the Xhosa people. There were many encouraging things that happened that day. One of them was the people’s testimonies and their expressions of gratitude. Several stood up […]

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1st Xhosa Baptism

Click Here to watch video:  

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August 19, 2014 Two Minute Underwood Update

As of this week, we are ten months into deputation, seven of which have been full time! God has truly blessed our family every step of the way and is providing in ways that we cannot fathom nor explain! I just want to give Him all praise for what He allows me to do each […]

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Two Minute Underwood Update Aug 2014

Last week, I explained the way that the Xhosa people conduct their funeral ceremonies and customs. This week, I would like to follow up with an experience we were amazed to encounter during our survey trip in June of this year! We were able to witness a traditional Saturday while on our survey trip in […]

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Individual Involvement in the Life of a Missionary (Part 3 of 3)

I am going to take a risk for this last post on the topic of “Individual Involvement in the Life of a Missionary by being quite transparent for a moment. Over the last couple of posts, I discussed how vital of a role prayer plays in the success of a missionary, and how helpful it […]

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