Update on Amy’s Ear Surgery

As many of you know, Amy had surgery on her left ear on May 16th. She went in for the surgery at 7 am, but they couldn’t fit her in until around 1 pm. They finished the surgery at about 4:30 pm and I was able to take her home around 8 pm. It was a very long day for her no doubt.

Since getting out of surgery, along with having her ear taped and packed full of cotton, she’s had to stay at home, avoid loud noises, and not be in a car or lift anything over 10lbs. That actually continues for another week.

This past Wednesday we met with Amy’s doctor for the first time since her ear surgery. The doctor cleaned out her ear and said that everything looks great and things are progressing nicely. Amy has already regained a lot of hearing in that ear, but we won’t know the full results for several weeks. We do know that she’s not deaf and we praise the Lord she has not experienced any vertigo, which is very common.

I can’t thank you all enough for your prayers.

P.S. It looks like we will have full control of the new property for the South Africa Youth Home the first week of June. It’s been amazing to see how the Lord is bringing everything together.

Coffey Family May 2022 Prayer Letter

Prayer Requests  Praise        

  • My wife’s ear surgery was today.  Pray she will recover hearing in her left ear.  She had 20% hearing in that ear, but after surgery, the doctor hopes she will regain anywhere from 80-90% of hearing.  We won’t know for a week or so after the surgery how effective it was. 
  • Please continue to pray for Missionary Katie Dilfer’s South African Visa.  It still hasn’t arrived, but thankfully she was able to travel to Puerto Rico where she’s been ministering while she waits.  We’re happy she’s able to be a great help there, but we are looking very forward to getting her to South Africa.  
  • Pray for our South African Visa renewals.  Our current visas expire in July so we need to renew for new visas this month.  Because of covid, this has been a long process, but we’re hoping we can get things worked out soon. 
  • Please pray for the mission teams coming in June and July from four different churches.  We hope to be a blessing to them as they sacrifice to be here.

Quick Updates  

  • We had a fantastic time during the last two weeks with a mission team my son and daughter-in-law, Chase & Ashley, led to South Africa. Part of the team was from Hope Baptist Church in Fairfield, OH and the other part was from Immanuel Baptist in Corruna, MI.  This was such a great group of people.
  • There were several young people and a couple of older folks out of this group who expressed a desire to commit their lives to be missionaries.  Pray we see many follow through and give their lives to share Jesus on the foreign field.  Our prayer is for more laborers. 

What an amazing month!  Seven days before we needed the full $113,000 to purchase property for the South Africa Youth Home, we only had $23,000.  Within a few hours, that number jumped to $68,000. By the next Sunday, the Lord provided and we had the full $113,000. Praise the Lord!

Thank you all for praying and thank you all who helped us reach our goal by giving financially.  We anticipate seeing what the Lord will do in this new ministry.   

I will be emailing updates out on a more regular basis to keep you informed on the remodeling progression to get the new house ready for our teenagers.  If you are not on our email list and would like to be, please send me a note to add you.

I’m still in a little shock seeing how the Lord provided.  There were times of doubt that we would really be able to do this, but little by little the Lord kept confirming to us that this was His will. Please pray for wisdom as we go forward for Him.