Coffey Family June 2016 Prayer Letter

We want to thank all of you who have played a part in our ministry here in South Africa.  Because of your prayers and financial support, we have been able to learn and minister in this great country for over 3 years now.  Time has passed so quickly.  So much more needs to be done, and we are excited about our future here in South Africa.  This December, we will be taking our first furlough and look forward to reporting back to all of you of what has happened and what is to come. 

I am booking for December 2016 and all of 2017 now and hope to have my schedule fully booked before we return to the states.  If you would like to have us in please let me know.  I plan on calling and emailing all of my supporting pastors, but if you want to go ahead and contact me that would be great.

We are also hoping to get contacts of other pastors in your area that may be interested in having us present our ministry in their church so we can raise extra support for ministry.


Prayer Request

  • Visa Renewals for my family- All visas have been resubmitted and we’re hoping they will be granted without a problem.
  • For more souls to be saved
  • Visiting group from Michigan will be here in August.  Pray this trip will impact their lives greatly.
  • Wisdom in going forward with our idea to start a Camp & Retreat Center

More Highlights

  • We had around 100 young people attend our Youth Day Conference this month 
  • My Brother-in-law Trent Cornwell and his wife Stephanie visited for two weeks.  Trent is also the Asst. Pastor of our home church.  He did a great job preaching and challenging us and our people. 
  • We had several new teens come to our soccer tournament and all of them came back for at least one church service.  We are praying for their salvation.


  • Meetings in New Churches during our furlough 2017
  • Funds to finish Wells Estate Baptist Church building