Coffey Family August 2014 Prayer Letter

Prayer Request

  • Our first church plant the 1st of Sept.
  • Right location for the new church
  • Souls saved & faithful men
  • Our language learning.  We still have a long way to go.  Starting the new church will definitely push us more in the right direction.

More Highlights

  • Amy and I sang our first Xhosa special together.  It’s actually the first of any song we have every sang as a duo together:)  To see the video you can go to Facebook.
  • Intern Bethany Staley, has decided to stay for six months instead of just two.
  • My son Chase preached his 1st message


  • $600 for Gospel Tracts and Invitation cards
  • Pulpit, Sign, Overhead Projector, and a small trailer for the new church plant.
  • Approx. $7000 needed to build the first building for New Life Baptist Church.  $3300 has come in so far.
  • Still looking for land for Wells Estates Baptist.  We have $5500 for this need but will probably need $6000 more.

The time has come for Amy and I to step out and start our own church.  Over the past year, we have been privileged to assist in the three churches that Missionary Kevin Hall and his team have started, while attending language school.  We will definitely continue to have a part in these churches as well, but in September, Amy and I are diving in to start our own church.  Although we have a long way to go in the language, we believe this new church plant will help up grow by leaps and bounds.  

This past week, we made the first purchase for the church.  We were able to get 40 black chairs for under $5 a piece.  I would like to purchase more of these chairs if anyone is interested in helping.  This is the best price we’ve ever seen on chairs and the sale ends Sept. 30th.  

There are three areas we are praying about starting the church in right now: Walmer, Greenbushes, and Seaview.  Seaview is a smaller area and would probably be ideal to start a Bible study or 2nd church plant at the same time we are working in one of the other areas.  

Please be in prayer.  We only have a few weeks to nail down the area and find a place to start holding church services if we want to start in September.  We are hoping to find a small store front or school to rent.  The areas we are considering are on the opposite side of the city from where the other churches are located, and have had very little outreach from a Bible preaching ministry.