A New Chapter

I had the privilege a couple of days ago to give a short devotional to the group that is here visiting. What I spoke about in the devotion was Joshua chapter 1 and how Joshua was beginning a new chapter in his life. For those of you who don’t remember the story, the Lord instructed Joshua, since Moses had passed away, that the children of Israel would now be looking to him to lead them into the promised land. That enormous task brought about all sorts of emotions and fears, undoubtedly, since God told him three separate times to “be strong and of good courage.” I talked with the group about how to face their fears and how they too were going to need to be strong to go through life and be used of God. 

Though I must say, the challenge to be strong is not much of a help when you feel terribly weak, and when the situation is bigger than you are. If you think about it,  the words “be strong and of good courage” are just another challenge to live up to. They don’t really tell you how to do that? They don’t add comfort to any situation. But what does, and what I shared with the guys, is the only way to do that is to remember the promise God gave to Joshua right before he told him to be strong. God told Joshua “as I was with Moses, so I will be with thee:” That was where Joshua would receive the  comfort. That is what would give him the courage and strength he needed to go through any situation. The presence of the omnipotent, omniscient, sovereign God was going to be with Him every step of the way.

Well, today I am made to eat my words. I have to trust in that same God’s sovereign plan over my life and those around me. My wife and I began a new chapter last night. At 7:20 last night Bekah gave birth to Ezekiel Michael Hall. He weighed just over 2 pound. Though he was too small to make it physically here on earth, he was way too big to ever be forgotten. I must say, some chapters in life you love, others are confusing and you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy.

I honestly don’t know how people handle death without the hope that comes through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We take comfort in the fact that our God is still with us, that He has never left us nor forsaken us. Our hope and peace comes from Jesus. The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; Blessed be the name of the Lord.

Thanks for your prayers!

Coffey Family May 2014 Prayer Letter

Prayer Request

  • That we find the right piece of land for Wells Estates Baptist Church
  • For Amy and I to learn the language
  • For two of the pastors we are helping go full time:  Pastor Thami & Pastor Ntobeko
  • For our missions teams coming in June and July


  • All travel expenses of our trip back to the states were covered.  It was exciting seeing how God provided.
  • Land found and purchased for New Life Baptist Church in Kwadwesi.  Hoping to begin construction on the building this month.
  • Back to language school- It’s amazing  how much Xhosa a person can forget in month.


  • Approx. $8,000 needed to build the first building for New Life Baptist Church
  • Still looking for land for Wells Estates Baptist.  We have $5500 for this need but will probably need $6000 more.
  • Around the same amount of $8000 will be needed for Wells Estates Baptist Church.

We arrived back to South Africa on May 21st after a month of funerals in the states.  Please continue to pray for my family as we are still dealing with the losses.  

It is great to be home and back in the middle of everything. 

In the first week back, Pastor Sipho found a nice piece of land for the new church, and we were able to buy that within a few days.

Our next land search is for Wells Estates Baptist.  They’ve been asked to find a new location and could be told to vacate the premises any day.  We have some options but need your prayers for wisdom and the remaining finances. (Continue reading below)

With the purchase of permanent property comes the need for a permanent building.  We are having building plans drawn up that we are hoping to use for all the new churches.  This will help us better know the cost for future building projects and save us from having to pay for new building plans each time.  The layout includes a small prophet’s chamber for the pastor’s family, an Auditorium that will hold about 80 people, bathrooms, and 3 Sunday school rooms.  Above is our rough draft we believe will cost around $8000.