February 2015 Underwood Prayer Letter


Snow Snow Snow! Greetings from Wisconsin!

We began the month of February with several meetings in Wisconsin and have really enjoyed seeing how God is using these pastors in some cities where they are the ONLY Independent Baptist Church! It has been a humbling reminder that there is yet many areas within our borders that still need church planters to carry the gospel of Christ!

I am even more encouraged by the fact that they too know the urgency for us to arrive in South Africa wielding the sword of the Word of God! While they are being used of God to minister and win the lost, they are well aware that our Commission is “unto the uttermost part of the earth!” I have certainly been energized.

Last month, for the Underwood family, was one of the greatest months since beginning deputation just one year ago! We were blessed to have six new churches notify us of their decision to partner with us financially to reach South Africa! God is Good!!! Lord willing, each month that passes, I will be able to write how God moved in the hearts of His people to continue partnering with us. I am trusting and expecting God to do great things in our lives this year.

In regards to our family, I have been asked by several folks how my mom, brother, and I am doing since the loss of my dad in November. Each day offers new grace from God and for that I am eternally grateful. Mom is adjusting well, and I am thankful that my brother lives so closely by. Certainly, there are days that will seem harder than others, but we rest in the knowledge that Dad is with Jesus. I want to personally thank each of you for your prayers, cards, and phone calls even after three months, just to let me know that you are praying! We love you greatly!

As far as things for you to pray with us about; I would ask for you to remember three things:

1) Pray for continued New Support!
We are working diligently to finish deputation as quickly as possible and arrive in South Africa. Each day that passes is one more day that folks are dying and going to Christ-less graves. The urgency is real!

2) Pray for Laborers!

The greatest need in world evangelism is volunteers to carry the gospel to all corners of the world! With the limited time we have, we must focus our attention on fulfilling our purpose!

3) Pray that the Holy Spirit convict the hearts of the lost, that they will be receptive to His Word!
There is no amount of charisma, charm, or enticing words that man can have to persuade them to believe. We must rest in the work of the Holy Spirit to do His work, and know that we are simply the mouthpiece God uses to tell the world about Jesus!

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support! I pray that very soon, you will begin to see the fruits of your labor and sacrifice through our ministry in South Africa!

Your Missionaries to South Africa,

Stephen, Ashlee, Peyton, and Eli
The Underwood Family to South Africa
Acts 20:24


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