Underwood Family to South Africa: July 2015 Prayer Letter


Happy Independence Day!

We are greatly encouraged and excited about God’s provisions this month! As we travel to Florida for Sunday’s meetings, I have been pondering the goodness of God in our lives!

As we reflect on today, and what July 4, 1776 meant to us as a nation, I can tell you that I am grateful that I was born in a country where I had access to the gospel at a young age! I’m thankful that Jesus is a name that I have heard and known for as long as I can remember! I’m thankful that I was able to attend a bible preaching church when I was young, and that I trusted Christ as my Savior before it was eternally too late!

But my thoughts then leave the borders of this land, they travel to the most southern country in the continent of Africa, to the nation of South Africa. I think of how most people only have an average of 47 years to hear about Jesus, 47 years to trust Christ the way that I did at 8 years of age! I think of the need for churches to be started amongst the tribal peoples of South Africa, and how they lack the laborers to plant them. My heart breaks for the need for Jesus to be preached to these people!

Would you pray with me that we can raise our support and get to South Africa before more sons burry their fathers, and more mothers weep for their daughters, never knowing how they can one day be reunited?!

Last month was a great month for our family. Several churches notified me that they would be partnering with us to minister in South Africa. Already this month, we have received news of 4 new supporting church as well! We are asking and trusting God for a total of 6 for July!

We have also been blessed to receive several items needed for our set up fund! I will begin this month keeping you posted on our set up fund needs and how God provides for each.

Thank you all for your love and support for our family! You may never fully know, this side of eternity what you all mean to us!

Your Missionaries to South Africa,

Stephen, Ashlee, Peyton, and Eli
The Underwood Family
Acts 20:24

Set Up Fund Needs
Airline Tickets $7,000
Vehicle $8,000 x 2
Language School $1980 for one year for both of us!
Rent $800 x 3 months

Household Items:
Bedding $1200 $1000 ($200 given)
Towels $300
King bed $800 – $1000
Twin beds $300 x 2
King bed $800 – $1000
Twin beds $300 x 2

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