Underwood Family October 2014 Prayer Letter

September has been a wonderfully blessed month full of mission’s conferences, meeting some awesome new friends, and FOUR new supporters! I am truly amazed at the goodness of God in our lives.


As we inch closer and closer to South Africa, I want to remain cognizant to the fact that time is short! If you are reading this letter and are 47 years old, then you have now reached the average life expectancy of a Xhosa man! If you are older than 47 years old, you can consider yourself very blessed, because you have outlived the average Xhosa man!

My heart weighs heavy when I consider that the Xhosa have roughly 47 years to live, and likely, their chances of hearing a pure and true gospel are slim. I remember as a child of seven, first hearing and understanding that Jesus Christ died and offers pardon for sins! 170140227

I would venture to say, that many of you reading this very letter heard the gospel at least once before the age of 10. I am reminded of just how truly blessed and rich we are to have been born in a country where the gospel is available!

Throughout the month of October, I would like to challenge you to:

1)  Pray for South Africa!
Pray that they will have an opportunity to hear and pray that they will be receptive to the preaching and teaching of the gospel.

2)  Pray for the Underwood Family!
Pray that God will continue to move the hearts of His people to partner with us to reach South Africa before time runs out!

3)  Pray for Yourself!
Ask God what He would have you do in the area of world evangelism! Ask God how you can be most effective and obedient to His command to reach this world with the gospel of Jesus Christ!

“For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine…And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.”

Time is short! Laborers are few! Marked upon the foreheads of men are the words “CONDEMNED ALREADY!”

However, Jesus tells us…”They are white, ALREADY TO HARVEST!”

Your missionaries to South Africa,
Stephen, Ashlee, Peyton, and Eli Underwood
Acts 20:24

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