Transfer Payment Agreement

We are pleased that the Ontario government is making transfer payment reform a priority through its transfer consolidation initiative. This is an important opportunity to modernize funding agreements so that both non-profit organizations and the government spend less time on management and more time providing services that support Ontarians. 3.6 The government is committed to ensuring that transfers are managed in a manner that respects the strength of the trust and the highest level of integrity, transparency and accountability. In addition, the government is committed to ensuring that transfer programs are designed, delivered and managed in a manner that is fair, accessible and effective for all stakeholders – departments, applicants and beneficiaries – all significant contributions to achieving the government`s objectives and promoting Canadian objectives. 6.1.1 Approval of the conditions for new transfer programs, unless a minister has the authority to set those conditions by law. 6.5.2 Ensure that at the time of the proposed program, a performance measurement strategy is defined and maintained and updated throughout its lifecycle to effectively support an evaluation or evaluation of the relevance and effectiveness of each transfer payment program. 6.3.9 Define the strategic direction of risk tolerance for service transfer programs. 6.4.2 Lead and support the promotion and facilitation of cooperation between departments for the harmonization of government-wide transfer programs, standardization of procedures, procedures and administrative requirements, and the exchange of good practices. Leadership is also needed for the development of the federal practitioner community, which participates in the design, delivery and management of transfer payment programs.

The objective of this policy is to ensure that transfer payment programs, with integrity, transparency and accountability, are managed in a risk-sensitive manner; Oriented towards citizens and beneficiaries; and are designed and delivered to meet the government`s priorities for delivering results for Canadians. 6.5.5 Ensure that the results of an evaluation or evaluation of the relevance and effectiveness of each transfer payment program are taken into account and that appropriate and timely action is taken and, where appropriately, recommends that the terms of these programs continue, change or expire.

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