Telus Home Services Agreement

TELUS will notify you of changes to this Agreement by publishing the change on (the “Site Service”) or by announcing on your monthly bill or by email that this agreement has been amended and where the change can be accessed. TELUS may apply the down payment at any time to the amounts you owe for your Internet services under this Contract or any other service contract you have with us. Interest on deposits is calculated on the basis of the Bank of Canada`s overnight rate, which came into effect on that date, plus at least 1% based on the actual number of days per month. 29. High-speed service may disrupt the operation of certain security systems for private or commercial companies that use the same telephone line and telephone lines as services. You agree that TELUS is not responsible for such problems or interruptions. You have a responsibility to ensure that your premises are properly wired before the services are installed to ensure that home or commercial security systems work properly. By using the services and paying a fee for such use, you allow TELUS to obtain from time to time information about your credit history from credit companies, lenders and other TELUS companies, and to consent at any time to the disclosure of your credit history with TELUS to these companies. You agree to provide us with your current email address (and let us know if this email address changes) so that we can provide you with tools and services to manage your TELUS account, communicate with you in a timely manner via account-related articles, provide news and offers from TELUS and its partners, and get your feedback on TELUS products and services. 39. Without restricting TELUS` rights to suspend, suspend or terminate your service account, telus may block, restrict or terminate your service account without notice if, at TELUS` sole discretion, you have breached any of the acceptable rules of use mentioned in Section 36. You acknowledge and accept that TELUS is not responsible for suspending, limiting or terminating your account to you or third parties. TELUS may suspend Services in the event of non-compliance with the provision of these Terms of Service, including your obligation to pay the Services when the fee is due.

While your service is suspended, you remain responsible for all recurring costs. TELUS may (i) terminate services without delay and without notice if TELUS finds that the measure is necessary to protect the network from damage or prevent fraud, (ii) if you do not re-fix another breach of these terms of service within 15 days of receiving a written notification of the TELUS infringement, (iii) if you are bankrupt or if you are a business customer, a recipient or beneficial manager is designated to manage your business, or (iv) for whatever reason, after 30 days of written notification.

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