River Clyde Homes Tenancy Agreement

A network of community groups led by River Clyde Homes has made a successful offer to the Scottish Government, which will bring $100,000 to the Inverclyde region. Your lease is an important document that outlines the roles and responsibilities that apply to you, your household members and River Clyde Homes. It also establishes your rights and responsibilities for a number of measures such as paying rent, repairing your home and respecting others. Reciprocal exchange is effective when a tenant exchanges houses with another tenant who also wants to move home. The exchange of real estate can take place between two tenants of social renters all over the UK. In certain circumstances, usually due to a person`s previous anti-social behaviour, we may offer you a short Scottish secure rent rental contract. We will inform you and explain this type of rental agreement and the reasons for their use if they apply to you. Less than 3% of all our leases are short. Tenants have the right to apply for the transfer (repercussion) of their lease, provided that the house is the only and principal residence of the person to whom they wish to transfer the tenancy agreement for at least 6 months before the application. Learn more. Are you interested in a lease? Complete our online app. To become a tenant of River Clyde Homes, you must sign a legally binding contract with us.

The content of this agreement is defined by Scottish law and the treaty is called the Scottish Secure Tenancy Agreement. Your lease includes River Clyde Homes, which offers you a secure lease (for life) and indicates the address of the lease and the date of your lease. If you register with us for a rental agreement, you will receive a copy of your contract, which you should keep in a safe place. The agreement also includes ways to terminate your lease and your right to transfer the lease to someone in your home if you die or leave the house. Looking for a home? Check out all our homes available to rent us and visit us every week, as this list changes every Friday. Entry for the houses immediately available is agreed during the visit. River Clyde Homes, an Inverclyde-based housing company, recently launched a Customer Care Directive, which outlines its service standards. 79.3% of this owner`s dwellings met the Scottish housing quality standard, compared to 94.4% in Scotland. It took an average of 72.0 days to rent homes back, compared to the Scottish average of 31.8 days. River Clyde Homes (RCH) successfully delivered 24 new homes to customers during the closure with an innovative contactless rental initiative. The River Clyde Homes Group (RCH Group) continued to do well in the Inverclyde community with financial assistance from Cash for Kids. It did not collect 1.9% of the rent due because the apartments were empty, compared to the Scottish average of 1.2%.

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