October 2015 Underwood Family Prayer Letter

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I love this time of the year! God has truly blessed us and allowed us to be in many churches and mission’s conferences over the last couple of months! As we continue with mission’s conference season, I am constantly challenged and encouraged to get to the field as quickly as possible!

At this moment, I am writing this prayer letter as we travel to Pennsylvania for a conference! (By the way, with Hurricane Joaquin approaching, we humbly ask that you pray with us for traveling mercies. It has rained non-stop so far!)

I want to praise God for the three new supporters He provided during the month of September! I am always amazed that our great God supplies our every need. I am also humbled at the generosity of God’s people and believe that your giving, and labor will not be in vain in the Lord!

I would ask that you continue to pray with us that our support will continue to increase. I broke down our needed support and am asking God for 30 new supporting churches by the end of the year! That is TEN new churches each month for October through December! This will put us very close to having full support!

Will you help us realize the dream God had given us?!

Every supporting church is a blessing! From $25 a month and up, it goes further than we ever know!

We are nearing our close to deputation! Maybe God would lay it upon your heart to help us see it through! Many of our set up fund needs are starting to come in. I believe God can and will do above what we ask or think! Wouldn’t you like to be a part of something big? Getting the gospel to the Xhosa people of South Africa, before it’s too late!

Thank you in advance for your prayers and generous giving!

Your Missionaries to South Africa,

Stephen, Ashlee, Peyton, and Eli
The Underwood Family
Acts 20:24


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