Katie Dilfer – November 2020 Prayer Update

November 2020

Dear Praying Friends,

There is so much to praise the Lord for this month! Thank you for praying with me that the Coffey family would be able to return to South Africa. They are back in South Africa now! Please continue to pray for them as strive to move forward with the ministry there.

October was filled with fantastic meetings in Florida, Texas, and
Colorado! I am so thankful for the opportunity to make new friends of
all ages! While traveling this month, I was able to share the Gospel
during one of my many stops for fuel. The young man did not pray to receive Christ as his Savior but a seed was planted. I am praying that someone else will come behind and water the planted seed of the Gospel and see this young man saved. I was also able to speak with a young lady about her salvation at one of the churches I was at. After I spoke with her, I took her to someone close to her to pray with her and I was thrilled to hear that she accepted Christ as her Savior that day. God is continuing to work in hearts and lives! Keep praying for the lost and doing your part to reach this world with the Gospel.

I am thankful for God’s protection on the road this month as I ended up with some snow in my path. God is the best artist and I love to see His handiwork as I travel.

Please pray for me as I continue traveling this month. My November meetings are in Kansas, Indiana, Ohio, Alabama, Georgia, and Oklahoma! Thank you for your continued prayer, support, and encouraging words!

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for 5 new supporting churches this month.
  • Please pray that the seed of the Gospel would be watered and that the young man I witnessed to would be saved.
  • Please pray for safety as I travel.


  • I am praising the Lord for the young lady that placed her faith in Christ!
  • I am praising the Lord for 1 new supporting church!
  • I am praising God that the Coffey’s were able to return to South Africa!
  • I am praising God for His protection while traveling!
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