November 2014 Underwood Prayer Letter (Special Edition)

It is with great sadness that I write this month’s prayer letter. On October 31, 2014, as my family and I were settling into our hotel room after the first night of a mission’s conference; my dad was also settling into bed for the night. The next morning, as we were getting ready for the day’s services, my brother called to inform me that dad had passed away in his sleep.

Early that morning of November the first, dad suffered a massive heart attack in his sleep. It certainly was not the call that I was expecting. We held his funeral service on November 3, 2014 and God supplied great grace! I am proud to say that Jesus was made much of, and that as I have often preached on Isaiah 6, we “saw the Lord sitting upon His throne, high and lifted up!” IMG_1924

I would as you to please remember my mom, brother, me, and our families in prayer over the next several weeks. The days ahead are somewhat uncertain. The process of grieving is taking place, and we are trusting in our Heavenly Father for great peace and comfort.

On a lighter note; we received several new supporters during the month of October, and praise God for how He continues to provide. Though our mission’s conference was cut short, I plan to keep our other meetings without trying to reschedule.

This coming Sunday, I will leave my wife and children with mom and travel to North Carolina for Sunday morning, and South Carolina for Sunday evening service. I am thankful that God in His omniscience allowed us to schedule the next several meetings fairly close to mom.

Many times, I have read about so many great men of God and the trials they faced. I look at my pastor and often want to be like him. I look at David, a man after God’s own heart, and desire to live my life after God’s heart. Although I wonder sometimes if we want to be great men of God, but we are not willing to go through the furnace to become one? My prayer is the God will continue to use this time to magnify His name, and work within me the character of Christ that I will be more and more like He is!

Thank you in advance for all your prayers, love, and support during this time!


Stephen, Ashlee, Peyton, and Eli
The Underwood Family to South Africa
Acts 20:24

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