Non-Economy Act Interagency Agreements

(a) Economic Law (31 U.S.C.1535) authorizes agencies to enter into supply or service agreements from another agency. FARrs apply when an agency uses another agency`s contract to obtain supplies or services. If the inter-institutional transaction does not result in a contract or order, the FAR does not apply. Economic law also provides for the power to place orders between large operational units within an agency; Procedures for these national operations are governed by agency legislation. 1. Any act of economic law that receives supplies or services through inter-institutional acquisition is supported by a finding and a finding (D-F). The service agency must – (B) The service agency has the capacity or expertise to enter into a contract for supplies or services that are not available within the applicant agency. (C) The service is expressly authorized by law or by law to acquire these supplies or services on behalf of other agencies. 1. The service may request in writing from the requesting agency a down payment for all or part of the estimated costs of providing supplies or services.

The adjustment on the basis of the actual costs is carried out according to the agencies. 2. Agency F is approved by a delegate from the requesting agency entitled to designate the supplies or services to be designated or by another official appointed by the head of the agency, except that if the service agency is not covered by the FAR, the approval of D-F cannot be delegated under the head of supply of the requesting agency. (ii) find that supplies or services cannot be purchased as easily or economically through direct contracts with a private source; and (2) If approved by the serstelle, the applicant agency may pay the actual costs after the provision of supplies or services. 4. Under no circumstances does the service or agency require a fee or charge greater than the actual cost (or estimated if the actual costs are not known) for the conclusion and management of the contract or other agreement under which the order is bottled. b) Economic law applies in the absence of a more specific legal authority. The examples of more specific authorities are 40 United States. C 501 for federal supply schedules (part 8.4) and 40 US. C 11302 (e) for government-wide acquisition contracts (CCC). 3. The requesting agency sends a copy of the D-F request to the Services Agency containing the order request.

3. Invoices made or advance applications are not subject to a prior review or certificate.

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