No Custody Agreement Father Took Child

My husband has custody of his daughter, and we get her 10 more days a month. Her mother is the first assistant, but since the day she was born, her mother lived with her parents and her parents cared for her most of the time. Then, two years later, the mother decides to move into an apartment with a friend, and the child lived with her, but I feel that the friend abused her daughter because I would see bruises on the back of her and she was the size of the palm of my hand and she was yellowed. I asked her if Mum had beaten her up and she said no, then I asked if her sister had beaten her (she sometimes watched her when the mother or friend was working) and she said no, and then I asked her if Mom`s friend had beaten her up and she said yes. She was about 3 years old at the time. Then the mother and her boyfriend leave and leave her to go back to live with her parents, and a month or two later, her parents tell her that she has to have a job and that she has to pick it up after herself and her child and gave her two weeks. When those two weeks arrived, the mother decided that she was going to pack her belongings and leave before they could tell her to leave. And now she hasn`t lived with her daughter for seven months, she visits him, but I don`t know how many times. I think my question is, is that the task? I don`t trust her mother to be a primary or to make big decisions for her child. She didn`t apply for health insurance for her for two years, nor did her grandparents, so she missed her three- or four-year check-ups, so my husband and I finally decided that we would apply for her for a medical application and that we would make an appointment for her four-year exam. She also hasn`t tried to get it at daycare, since she`s currently in pre-k and will be in kindergarten next year, but her mother and grandparents will never have it in time before… So I`m concerned that the mother and her family don`t take care of their daughter at all because they don`t bother to take her to school on time, or even to register or become a doctor. Would my husband, me, have a good chance of winning a lawsuit against them for full custody? Our past was not the biggest with our daughter since she was abducted for a year, but we are since DHS free and we look after the three girls (my husband and I have two children together, then his daughter.) I just don`t feel that the mother makes good decisions with school, or even with friends, because after she goes back to her grandparents, there were no bruises.

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