Kit Agreement Definition

14. INTEGRATION. If there is a conflicting language between this licensing agreement and another agreement contained in the SDK, this license agreement replaces it. If Adobe or the developer employs lawyers to assert rights arising from or related to this licensing agreement, the dominant party is authorized to recover reasonable legal fees. You acknowledge that you have read, understand the licensing agreement, and that it is the full and exclusive declaration of your agreement with Adobe, which replaces any oral or written prior agreement between Adobe and you regarding the licensing of the SDK. No changes to the terms of this license agreement may be applied against Adobe unless Adobe gives its explicit consent, signed in writing by an Adobe employee. The English version of this agreement is the version used in the event of an agreement. All translations of this Agreement are simple and cannot be used by the parties or by a court when they are presenting or interpreting it. 2. Use of the mark.

You may only use the trademark as part of the performance of your obligations under this licensing agreement, as described in Section 2, provided that this use also complies with the “Adobe Trademark Guidelines for Third Parties Who Use or Refer to Adobe Brands,” available on Adobe`s website ( These policies can be reviewed and updated at any time by Adobe, and you will always remain in compliance with the current version of the guidelines. The use of the trademark does not give you any rights, title or interest on the trademark, with license rights other than those granted to it. You can grant, transfer or sublicens without Adobe`s prior written approval. They agree not to use the brand, denigrate Adobe or its products, violate Adobe`s high-quality reputation or otherwise harm Adobe`s goodwill in the brand or violate Adobe`s intellectual property. You recognize the validity of the trademark and the exclusive ownership of Adobe in the brand, and Adobe retains all rights, titles and interests on and on the brand. They recognize the value of brand value and recognize that this good applies exclusively to Adobe`s benefits and is owned by Adobe. They do their best to use the brand in a way that does not delineate Adobe`s trademark rights and does not take action that alters or diminishes Adobe`s rights to the brand. They agree not to accept or use a trademark, service mark or other denominations that are brand-like.

In addition, you agree to use the trademark only in combination with products that: (a) exceed or exceed all applicable U.S. data. and foreign labelling and packaging laws and regulations, b) are promoted in accordance with all applicable U.S. and foreign fair advertising laws and regulations, (c) comply with all other applicable U.S. and foreign laws and regulations, (d) support Adobe products if indicated on packaging and/or promotional materials for your products, (e) are of a quality and reputation consistent with the high quality of Adobe products and services, and (f) are promoted in a manner consistent with industry standards. On Adobe`s reasoned request, you will notify Adobe of where you are using the brand and provide Adobe with appropriate copies of that use. If Adobe requires it, you agree to submit to Adobe any use of the trademark for approval by Adobe prior to the release of these materials, without unduly withholding that permission.

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