Katie Dilfer – October 2021 Prayer Letter

Dear Praying Friends,

God allowed me to spend time with some old friends and make so many new friends in September. I have been so encouraged and am thankful to God for allowing this time with friends. These aren’t just any friends though, they are Christian friends that encourage me in the Lord. “Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.” Proverbs 27:17 — I am thankful that God has given me friends that will take the time to sharpen me and push me closer to Jesus. As I plan to head to the field as quickly as God will allow, this time with friends becomes more and more precious to me.

The month of September came with many blessings and ministry opportunities. Some of the ministry opportunities God allowed me to be involved in include: speaking to two classes of teenage girls, playing piano for a conference, teaching various Sunday School classes, soulwinning, telling a missionary story in a preschool class, counseling, and much more!

It was exciting to be back at one of my supporting churches in Texas and attend a ladies meeting and see a little bit of the beginnings of their “School of the Bible” ministry. While I was there, one of the young ladies told me that since I had been there last, she had surrendered to serve the Lord in missions. This was thrilling to hear! Would you pray for more Christians to listen to the voice of God and surrender as He calls them to the mission field?

God provided in some big ways through His people in September! He has now provided all of the funds that I need for my set-up fund for the move to South Africa. There were also some higher dollar items that I was going to need to buy before moving to South Africa that God surprised me with. I am so thankful for the “Showers of Blessings” from my great God!

I have meetings in Iowa, Tennessee, California, and Florida, this month and would ask you to pray that God would continue to provide the remaining support that is needed to be able to leave for the field.

Some of the precious friends that God allowed me to spend time with!
Telling a missionary story!

Prayer Requests:
– Please pray that Christians would hear God’s voice and surrender as He calls more laborers for the mission field.
– Please continue to pray that my passport would be returned quickly as I sent it in to be renewed.
– Please pray that God would provide the remaining support that is needed.

– I am praising God for time with friends!
– I am praising the Lord for the way He provided so many of the things needed for the move to South Africa!
– I am praising God for the young lady who told me she surrendered to serve the Lord in missions!


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