Katie Dilfer – June 2021 Prayer Letter

Dear Praying Friends,

How much is enough? What will God have to do for you to serve Him with your whole heart? I have said so many times when speaking to different groups that even if God doesn’t do anything else for me, it should be enough that Jesus Christ died on the cross to pay the payment for my sins so that I don’t have to pay the penalty myself. That alone should be enough for me to serve Him with all of my heart each day. But that’s not all He did! 1 Samuel 12:24 says, “Only fear the Lord, and serve him in truth with all your heart: for consider how great things he hath done for you.” God’s Word doesn’t say consider the great thing, it says great things, plural. That’s because He is continually blessing us each and every day. Yet so often, it is easy to serve the Lord half-heartedly. I would encourage you to seek the Lord and strive to serve Him with all of your heart today as you consider all of the things He is doing in your life.

In May, I traveled to Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Ohio for meetings. I am thankful to God for seven new partnering churches in May! I am currently at 61% of my needed support. God has truly been blessing in ways I never imagined! Although it is not something I am mentioning as a need, God has now provided over half of my set-up fund to move to South Africa! It has been an exciting month serving the Lord! This month, I have meetings in Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, Kentucky, and Nebraska. For one week, I will be at BIMI for round two of Candidate School. Please pray that God would use this time to work in my heart to draw me closer to Him and prepare me for serving Him on the mission field.

Prayer Requests:
– Please pray for Candidate School at BIMI.
– Please pray for safety as I travel.
– Please pray that God would allow me to continue to fill my schedule with meetings for the coming summer months.
– Please pray for the people of South Africa to be receptive to the Gospel.

– I am praising the Lord for 7 new supporting churches!
– I am praising God for providing over half of my set-up fund!
– I am praising the Lord for time with many old friends!
– This month, I have been extra thankful for children. They bring such joy to my day (and sometimes some very convicting thoughts and words)!

With Pastor and Mrs. Lutz from one of my new supporting churches – North Coast Baptist Church!
Children’s Sunday School!

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