Individual Involvement in the Life of a Missionary (part 2 of 3)

Continuing the topic of individual involvement in the life of a missionary; another great way you can personally be a blessing is to SHARE prayer letters, updates, and articles published on ministry websites!

One of the greatest jobs I have ever been blessed with was working for a Christian company called StartCHURCH. The company helps churches, ministries and other non-profits in establishing a legal foundation by creating all the necessary documents and filing them with the proper government departments. While StartCHURCH does spend money on marketing, one of the most valuable assets they possess is a good name and reputation! For this reason, clients of StartCHURCH recommend and share their experience with everyone they know.

What does that mean for a missionary on deputation?

The truth is that I cannot be in more than one church at a time. God has truly blessed my family with many opportunities to present our burden and vision for our ministry in South Africa. However, the more folks that we can share the work God is doing, the more they can share our vision, and the more they can intellectually PRAY for us!

On that same note, a major goal of ours while on deputation is that God would raise up one young man and one young lady that would surrender to carry the gospel to the world. I believe that the more opportunities we give to read about the great needs of South Africa, that God will touch someone’s heart to GO!

In Acts 17, we find the apostle Paul waiting in Athens. While he is there, he sees that the city is wholly given to idolatry, and his spirit is stirred within him. Here’s where we believe God will bring folks to a decision point. Paul is stirred by what he sees, but his stirring doesn’t end with a good cry at the alter. Rather, it is followed by ACTION! Paul preaches to them Jesus Christ!

Our desire is that we can influence and share our vision with as many people as possible, they will be stirred and moved to make a decision for Christ, and that their decision will move them to action! You can play a major roll in this area by helping missionaries get the word out!

Coming soon, the finale of “Individual Involvement in the Life of a Missionary!”

Stephen Underwood
Acts 20:24

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