Individual Involvement in the Life of a Missionary (part 1 of 3)

God is so good!!! I do not think I could ever say that enough. Over the last eight months, the Lord has taught me to rely more upon Him, and not on my talents and abilities. I am grateful that my family and I can serve such a gracious Savior!

It is also amazing to me is that God leads people into our lives that desire to be a blessing to missionaries. Over the last several weeks, I have had several individuals ask me how they can personally be a blessing to our family. As always with a question like that, I want to be very careful in how I answer as not to take advantage of people’s generosity. Over the next few articles, I would like to share some ways that individuals can be a blessing, not only to my family, but missionaries in general:

First and foremost; PRAY!
I know that sounds cliche, and that you may be thinking, “that’s what you are supposed to say!” While that may be, knowing that folks are lifting us up to the God of Heaven that has all authority, power, and owns the cattle of a thousand hills, is something that I personally stand in need of daily! So, if all you can do is PRAY for us; PRAY for us!

Here are some specific ways you can PRAY:

a) Traveling mercies! Over the last eight months, we have been in nearly one hundred churches and traveled more than 60,000 miles!

b) Pray for our health! As you can imagine, with a family of four, a five year old and a ten month old; we share EVERYTHING.

c) More opportunities to share our vision and burden for South Africa! God has truly opened many doors for us to be in churches sharing what God has given us to do. As we approach 2015, there are still many meetings left to schedule, and we desire as many opportunities as we can to challenge and encourage churches to be involved in world evangelism!

Stay tuned for another exciting episode of  “Individual Involvement in the Life of a Missionary!”

Stephen Underwood
Acts 20:24

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