Honeywell Software Maintenance Agreement

Do you have competent mechanical maintenance staff on site, but do you need additional help troubleshooting software issues? Software maintenance contracts provide your team with comprehensive software support if needed. Maintenance tasks performed as part of preventive maintenance are based on the equipment used, the manufacturer`s recommendation, the age of the equipment and local environmental conditions. Honeywell`s experts set inspection or maintenance intervals and execute, record and report planned activities. They provide users with a preventive maintenance plan that can be modified if necessary after periodic evaluations. Honeywell offers sensor calibration verification for the sensors specified in the contract and at the specified frequency. Experts also perform system software backups and offer software maintenance services. Preventive maintenance plans also include reports on maintenance activities and performance evaluations. Don`t have a technical support contract yet? You can continue to call the technical support hotline at 877.315.3400 at 877.315.3400 for direct access to specialized resources and immediate assistance in case of emergency. Reducing the risk of unplanned downtime and reducing repair times can save you thousands of dollars per minute. Technical support agreements ensure priority response to issues and unlimited access to the following resources: Users benefit from the experience of Honeywell service specialists, who are aware of current system technology and future roadmaps, interaction and interoperability with legacy systems and software, remote service functions, and the value of advanced control software.

Preventive maintenance services help users avoid breakdowns and losses due to costly outages. The services also offer a cost-effective alternative to maintaining and training an in-house team by offering specialized support on a planned basis. Preventing device failures can help users avoid unnecessary production losses as well as health and safety breaches. Honeywell`s preventive maintenance services provide users with better operational control and help avoid known problems in the future. If you need technical assistance, call 877.315.3400. If you need diagnostics to minimize downtime, we offer you easy access to experienced service technicians at all times. Our multilingual service team is equipped with remote access to resolve, identify and respond to your problems with proven support solutions. The TECHNICAL SUPPORT of the IN-24X7® offers the most robust suite of functions in the industry. Send me emails with the latest technical information. Our dedicated electronics and computer repair laboratory offers extensive repair services for a large number of devices, including: Preventive maintenance services are provided during the Main Maintenance Period (PPM), as indicated for each device and application in the contract and at the frequency set for each asset.

In addition, services are provided on user-defined process downtime days. To learn more about TechSight, visit our remote service page. This is our first step in creating a more robust, intuitive and customizable experience for your support needs. Please note that you must log in to access the features of the support portal….

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