Glendale Community College Usc Articulation Agreement

Explore transfer agreements by source or destination. Choose and follow one to save tuition, fees, and time to some extent. If you are a current student on the mount, please follow these links to find the articulation agreements/transfer guides corresponding to the courses corresponding to the General Culture section of the MSMU catalogue. Articulation agreements and transfer guides are used to help students take the corresponding courses in Community Colleges that are considered for a degree at Mount Saint Mary`s University. University of Southern California (USC) GE Model for Students Who Started University Before Fall 2015 Section I – List of Relevant Information on Liberal Arts Education (MSMU General Education Requirements). The LACE requirements mentioned in this agreement include written communication, argumentation: mathematics and critical thinking, language and core central: Spirit of the Founders, Community, Global Awareness & Understanding and Women & Gender. El Camino College`s articulation agreements with California State University and the University of California are available on the Articulation System Inter-Institutional Transfer Site. ASSIST is an online information system for student transfers, which shows how course points earned at a public California Community College can be applied when they enter a four-year California university. We have articulation agreements with private/independent colleges in California and board guides printed in the consulting department for those marked with an asterisk * Agreements are updated every two years.

For more information, please consult the catalogue and the articulation agreements themselves. Articulation conventions archived before autumn 2018 are available in our archives. Mount Saint Mary`s University is in the process of updating articulation agreements and transfer guides. The conventions and guides described on this page should be used to assist prospective students in determining the courses that will be signed to Mount Saint Mary`s University. FIDM maintains race equivalence guides with many transmission institutions….

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