Event Host Agreement

Crowdcentric Media LLC, a New York Limited Liability Company (“Global Promoter”) and the applicable local organizer for the Event Venue (together the “Promoters”), announce a series of events to be held during Social Media Week®. The event host or speaker who submits the registration form for the host or event speaker agrees to organize and produce an event or activity for Social Media Week® (the event), as indicated in the registration form for the host or event spokesperson. The global organizer will advertise the event on the website, any applications it offers for mobile devices or through other media channels, in a manner it will decide at its discretion. The local organizer can also promote the event in any way they define. Upon receipt of the payment paid by the customer to the contractor, the payment is considered a legal agreement for the maintenance of this agreement (host contract). The Customer accepts and agrees to the terms and policies set by the Contractor, including, but not limited to, the Contractor`s Cancellation Terms, payment procedures, and debt rescheduling policies and taxes. Please read these terms and conditions before submitting a registration form to socialmediaweek.org (the “Website”) for hosting an event during Social Media Week® (an “Event Host or Speaker Registration Form”). By sending a registration form for the organizer or person in charge of the event, the person, company or any other legal person (the event organizer) agrees to be subject to and be bound by the following conditions….

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