Employment Agreement Approved

It is also possible to recruit a worker on a part-time contract (which may be indeterminate or fixed-term) if the worker works less than 24 hours per week. This contract must be registered with the Ministry of Labour. The employer must send a copy of the employment contract to the TLO in which the company is registered and obtain approval from the TLO. Since the employment contract must be concluded within 30 days of the start of employment, the authorization of TLO should be taken into account within that time. B by the prior approval of TLO before the contract is executed. Companies with less than 5 employees are not required to submit registration contracts, but they must nevertheless use the standard model. Every sailor is entitled to fair terms of employment An employment contract must be entered into in writing and indicate the name of the worker and the conditions of employment, including the position, duties, the beginning of employment, the place of work, the working time, the probation period, wages, etc. An employment contract begins when the employee starts working, even if nothing is written. As a general rule, no formalities are required, although BCEA requires that a minimum list of written employment data be provided. Respect should not take the form of an employment contract; However, written employment contracts are common. Fixed-term job offers for workers earning less than the BCEa threshold must be written down and contain certain mandatory conditions, for example. B the reason for the use of a fixed-term contract. The contract is concluded with the valid acceptance of a valid job offer.

Consensus on the nature of the services provided and compensation is needed. At the beginning of the employment relationship, the employer is required to provide the worker with information such as the calculation and payment method. The worker cannot bear certain rights of bceA. No mandatory guidelines for non-EA employees (EA employees may have less favourable conditions than those prescribed by the EA). Some terms may be implied in an employment contract by law enforcement or by habit and practice. The agreement of a third party is generally not necessary to enter into an employment contract. In specific cases, for example. B for non-EU nationals, specific authorisations may be required. If the employer employs 10 or more employees, the rules of work are mandatory and must be published in the workplace within 15 days of the date the employer employs 10 or more workers. A copy of the work rules must be kept in the workplace, but work rules can also be made available to staff electronically (for example. B e-mail or intranet).

These must be indicated in the Thai language and contain as a minimum requirement the following information: working days; regular working hours and rest periods; public holidays and holiday rules; overtime and work-on-leave rules; The date and place of payment of basic salary, overtime pay, leave pay and additional leave pay; Leave and leave rules Discipline and punishment Complaints are filed Work leave, severance pay and special pay.

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