Condominium Agreement

It is also possible that a condo is composed of single-family homes. There are also “independent condominiums” where the owners do not maintain the exteriors of apartments, farms, etc., and “condominiums” where the owner has more control and perhaps ownership (as in an “entire lot” or a “Loslinie” condo) over the exterior appearance. These structures are favored by some planned neighborhoods and closed communities. Fasaneninsel (also known as conference island, conpantzia in Basque, Conference Island in French or Isla de los Faisanes in Spanish) in bidassoa is a residential complex between France and Spain. It was created by the Treaty of the Pyrenees in 1659. It is formally controlled by Spain between 1 February and 31 July of each year and by France for the following six months. The island has no permanent population and has been eroded by the river. [9] Generally, condominium owners can rent their homes to tenants, similar to renting other real estate, although rental rights may be subject to conditions or restrictions set out in the declaration (for example. B a rent ceiling for the total number of units in a community that can be rented simultaneously) or otherwise permitted by local law. In practice, owners tend to build condos to higher quality standards than apartment complexes, due to the differences between rental and sales markets. They are usually a little larger than apartments and are often built in the style of the townhouse in areas where detached houses are common. As of February 2018, Bangkok accounted for 58% of Thailand`s new condominium market, while the other provinces accounted for the remaining 42%.

[26] The type of appliance has grown steadily in the Thai market over the past few decades, in contrast to the decline in the percentage of the traditional detached house. [27] The trend of condominium development continues nationwide as dozens of projects are underway in Bangkok[28] several more are underway in the Chon Buri and Rayong provinces of the Eastern Economic Corridor as well as in the west in Phetchaburi and Prachuap Khiri Khan. . . .

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