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My wife, son, and I are currently serving the Lord as church planting missionaries to South Africa. Our hearts’ desire is to reach, train, and encourage folks all over the world to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, and train others to do the same.

Recent blog posts written by The Underwoods

Underwood Family October 2014 Prayer Letter

September has been a wonderfully blessed month full of mission’s conferences, meeting some awesome new friends, and FOUR new supporters! I am truly amazed at the goodness of God in our lives. As we inch closer and closer to South Africa, I want to remain cognizant to the fact that time is short! If you […]

August 19, 2014 Two Minute Underwood Update

As of this week, we are ten months into deputation, seven of which have been full time! God has truly blessed our family every step of the way and is providing in ways that we cannot fathom nor explain! I just want to give Him all praise for what He allows me to do each […]

Two Minute Underwood Update Aug 2014

Last week, I explained the way that the Xhosa people conduct their funeral ceremonies and customs. This week, I would like to follow up with an experience we were amazed to encounter during our survey trip in June of this year! We were able to witness a traditional Saturday while on our survey trip in […]

August 2014 Prayer Letter: Reflections From Our Survey Trip

It’s almost here! We are but 31 days away from kickoff! For many of us, our favorite time of the year is quickly approaching. It means cooler weather, cooking hamburgers and hotdogs over a bed of coals, and… Saturdays in the South, especially throughout the fall are know for one thing…FOOTBALL! (SEC specifically… cough* cough*) […]

Individual Involvement in the Life of a Missionary (Part 3 of 3)

I am going to take a risk for this last post on the topic of “Individual Involvement in the Life of a Missionary by being quite transparent for a moment. Over the last couple of posts, I discussed how vital of a role prayer plays in the success of a missionary, and how helpful it […]

Individual Involvement in the Life of a Missionary (part 2 of 3)

Continuing the topic of individual involvement in the life of a missionary; another great way you can personally be a blessing is to SHARE prayer letters, updates, and articles published on ministry websites! One of the greatest jobs I have ever been blessed with was working for a Christian company called StartCHURCH. The company helps churches, ministries […]

Individual Involvement in the Life of a Missionary (part 1 of 3)

God is so good!!! I do not think I could ever say that enough. Over the last eight months, the Lord has taught me to rely more upon Him, and not on my talents and abilities. I am grateful that my family and I can serve such a gracious Savior! It is also amazing to […]

Underwood Family July 2014 Prayer Letter

Molweni bafundisi (Xhosa for Greetings Pastors),! ! Over the next serval prayer letters and updates, I would like to highlight the events of our survey trip to South Africa and share with you the opportunities God has given us to minister to a neglected people!!! Ashlee and I arrived in Port Elizabeth midday on a […]


Big City, More Churches

I am going to put this in the most simple terms. This is a big city. Large portions of it do not have a Gospel preaching church. God has sent my family and several other families here to see the people by making sure there is a church in every community. So here is how […]