August 19, 2014 Two Minute Underwood Update

As of this week, we are ten months into deputation, seven of which have been full time! God has truly blessed our family every step of the way and is providing in ways that we cannot fathom nor explain! I just want to give Him all praise for what He allows me to do each and every day; serve Him!

Over the last several prayer letters and updates, I have shared stories and experiences from our survey trip to South Africa in June of this year. I want to give a brief update on our deputation, if I may.

We have now past the milestone of presenting and preaching in over 100 churches! I have learned in our short time on the road just how different each individual church can be. However, I have also been well aware of one common characteristic that we all face; folks all around us are hurting!

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People have lost loved ones, faced physical hardships, cancer is running amuck throughout our people, and our personal and national economy still has a long road ahead toward recovery.

With that said, I have also witnessed God’s abundant grace displayed in the lives of His people! I have watched as silver saints have smiled through the tears and praise the Lamb! I have heard the singing and rejoicing of God’s people praising His name because He is so good! I am reminded often of how good God truly is!


More than ever, I want to rest and rely upon Him for our needs and provision! I believe with all of my heart that God is working and leading, and that He will continue raising our support to get to South Africa! I only ask that you remain faithful at praying for the Underwood family as we continue working and striving to reach the field.

As we continue scheduling for 2015, if there is a possibility to come by your church and be an encouragement to your people, we would be honored to do so!

Thank you for your love and support!

Stephen, Ashlee, Peyton, and Eli Underwood
Acts 20:24

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