Apspdcl Lt Agreement

Apply to the nearest customer service centre (CSC) for LT services. service and development fees to be paid in accordance with the rules. New customers must sign the revised agreement and the audit report. Proof of the transfer of ownership. Request to the Nearest Customer Services Centre (CSC) – Revised contract and audit report to be signed. Additional development costs, if any, payable in accordance with the rules. Representation in the nearest customer service centre (SCC). Waste of current consumer costs that need to be paid if necessary. Categories Townships – Colonies:HT-I B CategoryHT Commercial – Others:HT-II CategoryHTHT Industry: HT-III CategoryHT Institutional: HT-IV CategoryHT Agriculture – Related: HT-V Category Depends on the workvolved (comparable to the cost of extending the line). (a) All cases rejected by the section officer are approved by the ADE and then forwarded to the consumer for further assessment) It ensures the control and verification of the services issued on the basis of the obligation to compensate.

D) the documents required for all other after-sales services. Request to FA- C C A (RE) APTransco for HT services. The additional fees payable are 42% per year on the amount of the tranche (18% additional fee for late payment, plus interest of 24% per year). Enter the details in the Fuse Off call center and include the reconnection/permanent reception command. Lov Tension A.C.50 CyclesSeee-415-volt supply in 240-volt phaseServicesdomestic: LT-I CategoryNon-domestic and commercial services: LT-II ClassIndustrial Services: LT-III KategorieCottage Industries, Street Lighting, General Purpose – PWS Services: LT-IV CategoryAgricultural, Aqua – Fisheries: LT-V Category a) Field officers will inspect the premises and vacate the service, if the wiring is ready and the details are counted in accordance with the application.b) It will prepare the triple copy test reports and receive the consumer`s signature as proof of the release of the servicec) If the wiring is not ready, the staff will refuse the numerator at the call centre on the grounds that the wiring is not completed.d) All of these cases are to be disputed. CEIG, duly recommended by the divisional engineer, to revoke the licence of the licensee who issued the year-end certificate.e) In the cases covered by the calculator, the consumer must add the call centre within thirty days indicating that the wiring is complete and that the meter must be rearranged from the call centre.

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