An Optimal Probabilistic Algorithm For Synchronous Byzantine Agreement

We also show a simple technique for the sequential composition of protocols without simultaneous termination (something that is inherent in Byzantine contractual protocols with o (s) tricks for the case of t<n/2. Feldman and Micali (STOC `88) present in a pioneering document a n-Bizantin Memorandum of Understanding that does not tolerate < n/3 of the malicious parties that rotate in constant expected cycles. Here we show a constant protocol expected for a certified Byzantine agreement, provided an honest majority (i.e. < n/2) and based solely on the existence of a secure signature card and a public key infrastructure (ICP). Combined with existing results, this gives the first permanent protocol expected for a secure calculation with an honest majority in a point-to-point network that supports only unique functions and a PKI. Our main technical tool – a new primitive that we are introducing, the moderate VSS – also provides a simpler proof of Feldman Micali`s result. Partially supported by the ONR under the N00014-86-K-0763 and N00014-86-K-0597 contracts. CRYPTO 2006: Advances in Cryptology – CRYPTO 2006 p. 445-462 | Cites as Supported in part by Joint Services Electronics Program under contract N00014-85-C-0149 while this author was with the University of Illinois, Urbana. ICALP 1989: Automata, Languages and Programming s.

379-393 | Cite ace.

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