Alfa Laval Service Agreement

If you opt for Alfa Laval, choose the ideal long-term partner for your daily operation. Our service network can contact you anywhere. Click on the map to find your local Alfa Laval representative. The Alfa Laval service contract covers services for more than 70 units Alfa Laval from NGV relies entirely on Alfa Laval for the supply of the 49 Alfa Laval separators in the fleet “The agreement provides for an annual flat fee, Life-cycle services of the Alfa Laval PureSOx 360° service portfolio, including remote monitoring of scrubber performance by connectivity module, service kits, minimum genuine Alfa Laval spare parts on board and ashore for remote troubleshooting and sensor calibration by exchange,” safe Bulkers said. We work with you along the way, from commissioning to maintenance and support, improvements and monitoring services. We have all the parts and services to ensure your equipment is working at the level it was designed at – now and in the future. Safe Bulkers` forward-looking ambitions are reflected in the scope of the service contract. In addition to genuine Alfa Laval spare parts, service kits and sensor calibration by replacement, the agreement includes services that make corrective maintenance more planable and maintenance costs more predictable. “As with all projects, we worked hard to meet Safe Bulkers` expectations during the sales and order fulfillment phase,” says Diks. “Now that orders are nearing completion, we will continue to work hard to provide safe Bulkers support and services that keep their PureSOx systems compliant and in top shape. More than scrubber deliveries, we see this as a long-term partnership. After the completion of most pureSOx upgrades, Safe Bulkers is now moving forward to ensure trouble-free operation. Recently, the company signed a tailor-made Alfa Laval service agreement that will deepen the partnership between the two companies. The agreement includes connectivity and lifecycle-oriented services selected from the Alfa Laval PureSOx 360° service portfolio that are provided for an annual flat fee.

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