Fruits of Camp Rhino

Kyle exclaimed, “I had the opportunity to lead one of my teenagers to the Lord. That’s the first time I’ve ever done that.  He really understood what being saved means. Seeing him saved brought me so much joy.”

Camp Rhino exist because we want to see young people reached for Christ, but also because we want to see young people better trained to do the work of the ministry.  Our first week of camp offered a tremendous opportunity for our young people to gain valuable ministry experience.

So far, I have heard from 5 of our counselors who said that during camp they had the opportunity to lead someone to Christ for their very first time.  Wow!  I was really surprised.  How exciting to see these young people see the Lord use them to change someone’s life.

Of course, we at Camp Rhino want to see people saved, but it is even more important that we see those who are saved, trained and equipped in such a way they are effectively able to share their faith.  We not only have kids being saved, we have young people who now have confidence and boldness to go after the lost.

My prayer is that many of these young people surrender to full time ministry and from these weeks of camp, we see an army of church planters and godly young ladies raised up for the work of the ministry.  As you pray and support the ministry please don’t forget about the impact that’s being made among those who are lost and without Christ.

I’m still in awe over what’s been done here at Camp Rhino.  Remember, we just purchased Camp Rhino on October 31st of this year!  That’s crazy!  Check out what was ready before Camp started on December 11th:

  1. Guys dorm with 12 sets of triple bunk beds
  2. Guys bath house with 5 showers, 5 toilets, and 4 sinks
  3. Girls dorm with 14 sets of triple bunk beds
  4. Girls bath house with 5 showers, 5 toilets, and 4 sinks
  5. Covered pavilion with picnic tables with seating for over 100 people
  6. Game room
  7. Gaga pit
  8. Human foosball court
  9. Soccer field
  10. Fully functional commercial kitchen
  11. and to top it off a full in-ground swimming pool.

It is pretty unbelievable, and we did this almost completely debt free.  Notice the word “almost”:)  Please be in prayer.  We are in debt for about $17,000.  Seeing that we have a full camp property and a house we can live in, $17,000 isn’t looking too bad right now.

We do want to get this paid off as soon as possible though.  Once this is paid off, all extra funds that come in for the camp will be able to go toward making Camp Rhino even better.  Please pray.


First Week at Camp Rhino

Wow!  What a week.  We had such a tremendous time during our first week of camp.   At least 19 people made a decision to trust Christ as their Savior.  That’s 25% of our campers:)  Praise the Lord.
Thank you for being a part.  Thank you for your prayers.  So many of you were involved in helping Camp Rhino get started.  I can’t thank you enough.  I also can’t believe our first week of camp is over.

Our first camp was made up of 76 campers, 9 counselors, and 21 staff members.  We were well beyond capacity but were able to make everything work.  We definitely know our areas of weakness and will be working in the coming months to get the camp ready for a higher capacity of campers.  Our goal is to have things set up for around 120 campers. 

Other than salvation decisions, the most exciting thing during camp was seeing the growth and maturing of our counselors.  These young people training for ministry did an outstanding job counseling and mentoring our teen campers.  They grew by leaps and bounds over night.  Almost every one of them had an opportunity to lead someone to Christ, and are catching on to the importance of personal discipleship.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support.  I believe your investment will see returns for many years.  One camp down, and many more to come:)

Thank you!!!!!!!







Coffey Family December 2018 Prayer Letter

Prayer Requests        

  • We’re finally here. Camp Rhino opens its doors to campers on December 11th for the first time.  Please pray for all our volunteers, and pray we have a great first camp.
  • There will be anywhere from 60-80 campers arriving for camp.  Pray the Lord does a great work in their hearts. 
  • Bay Baptist College- The first classes will be starting in January.  We should have 5 or 6 students our first semester.  We pray from this we will see more churches started.
  • Our oldest son Tyler, who is in Bible College back in the States, and our 2nd oldest son Chase, who will be leaving for Bible college in January.  They both are training for missions.
  • Finances to help get Camp Rhino ready for our first camp from December 11th to 14th.

Quick Updates & Reminders:

  • Missionaries Josh and Meagan Sullivan arrived this past week with their kiddos.  They have completed their deputation and will be starting language school soon.  Pray as they get set up and are working to get their long term visas. 
  • The 4 person team from Camps Abroad with the Wilds in NC arrived and have been a great help.
  • Jens Looney, a young man from the Our Generation Training Center in Alpharetta, GA, arrived this past week for his 6-month internship. 
  • Contact me ASAP if you are interested in leading a mission team to South Africa or if you would just like to come on your own.

Mattresses  are just one of the many things we had to order to get camp ready.  It’s amazing how many little things it takes to run a ministry.  It’s also amazing how easy it is to forget a lot of those little things until a week before camp starts:)

We can’t thank you all enough for helping during these past two years with the prayers and financial support and gifts that have made Camp Rhino a reality.  It’s hard to believe all that has come together to make this camp possible.  Thank you so much.    We pray the Lord blesses your investment multiple times over. 

Our two major prayers as we start camp is that teenagers’ hearts will be pierced with the truth of the Gospel and that many young people would give their lives to full time Christian ministry.  Might we see from the effects of this ministry, more churches started all over South Africa and the world. 

December 2018 Prayer Letter

Dear Pastor and Friends,

It’s hard to believe 2018 is over. Every year seems to go by more quickly, and every year I probably say that same thing. I am reminded again of a famous quote from Missionary C.T. Studd, “Only one life, twill soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last.” As I reflect on the past 12 months, I stand amazed at how the Lord has worked in and around my family. I am blessed!

We are busy getting ready for camp. Honestly, the work has been a little therapeutic for me. With church planting, and specifically training young men, a lot of times you don’t see change and it can get a little discouraging, even though you know it’s happening. That’s not the case with building bunk beds, human foose ball games, gaga pits, etc. It’s something you do, and at the end of the day see and understand that you have had a productive day.

Josh Sullivan and family arrived safely last Thrusday. We are assisting (when possible) in helping them set up their home and getting settled in. Jens Looney, a six month intern from the Our Generation Training Center, arrives from the states this week. Also, a group from Camps Abroad, led by Dan Brooks, will be arriving this week to help us host Camp Rhino next week. Saturday and Monday, Dan will teach two eight-hour training sessions to camp counselors and staff.

All of this is happening and my wife is scheduled to be admitted into the hospital tomorrow morning. She will be there for at least the next 9 days. Our son will be given injections of steroids and she will be monitored for the next 7 days before delivering (c-section) on the 13th. This means I also have to play mom’s role for next two weeks to our other 4 kiddos. As if life wasn’t hectic enough already!

At Soweto Baptist Church, we are continuing to progress and get ready for our formal organization of the church. We have been systematically teaching through Bible Doctrines and Church responsibilities for the past three years. My hope was to be able to organize the church last month, but it’s not going to happen until after the new year. It is finally on the schedule for February 3rd. We are excited to take this next step.

Other Prayer Requests:

  • At the end of February, I plan to begin a new work in an area called Zwide. We have a couple of people who have moved to this area from Soweto, which hopefully gives us an open door. Pray the Lord will begin to prapare hearts now.
  • Pray for Aphiwe Maboma, our song leader at Soweto Baptist Church. He has been away for two weeks now in the bush going through the cultrual process of “coming of age.” There are many sinful temptaions during this time. Please pray he would remember who he is and continue a walk controlled by the Holy Spirit.

Thanks again for all that you do. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Jeremy and Rebekah Hall

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Macedonia World Baptist Missions
Att. Jeremy Hall
P.O. Box 519
Braselton, GA 30517

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Whitfield Baptist Church
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