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I was privileged to write a highlight on missions in South Africa for the new blog Take a look if you have a few minutes. It’s a little longer than I usually write, but there are some pictures:) Maybe they will let me write again if I can get you guys to read and […]

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Rights vs Responsibilities

“Life is not fair!” As a child growing up, this was probably the most irritating statement I heard on a regular basis! Your little brother gets a toy, and you don’t. (Even though it is his birthday!) You look at your mom and say, “that’s not fair!” She glares back at you and says, “Life […]

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Rent or Buy & Soccer

As of now, a place to rent hasn’t opened up for the new church plant.  It seems that rentable space is very limited.  We will continue to search, but it may come to the place where we need to buy property.  I’m really hoping we can keep the cost down the first year by just […]

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